Electric sliding gates

Here at Absolute Access, our gate specialists promise to design, manufacture and install only the highest quality sliding gates; delivered with exceptional service standards. Based in Leeds, but with engineering teams located throughout the UK; Absolute Access have the capacity and technical abilities to ensure reliable, cost effective perimeter security solutions to all of our clients.

We understand that protecting your staff, site, property and products is one of your main priorities; we also understand that every business is different.

Our gate specialists offer a tailored service, so you can be sure of consistency and efficiency at every stage. We believe that strong relationships are essential; so we take the time to visit you at your premises to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best sliding gate design for your site.

Why sliding gates?

Electronic sliding gates can be manufactured to approximately 20m spans overall. They’re ideal for high security sites and industrial or commercial premises, and offer many benefits to your business; including:

  • Provide a secure perimeter and a ‘first line of defence’
  • Allow you to control and restrict vehicle access
  • Easy to use – providing convenience and more security
  • Space-saving – great for sites with space restrictions
  • Durable – we manufacture our gates to withstand the British weather
  • Aesthetics – we can match the finish with fencing or use your brand colours

Sliding gate design – your options

With our bespoke sliding gate design service, we’ll make sure that you get the most appropriate solution for your site. There are options for you to consider, but don’t worry, we’ll give you all the time you need to identify the best design for you.

The first choice to make will be the type of automatic sliding gate:

Tracked sliding gates

Tracked sliding gates are guided during operation through the use of bottom wheels that run along a track installed across the span of the road/gateway. Because the track supports the weight of the gate, these can be ideal for wider apertures; they take up a little less space than cantilevered gates, which is useful on slightly more restrictive sites.

Cantilever sliding gates

This type of automated sliding gate can be more beneficial for sites with heavier traffic, as their absence of a track means there’s less likelihood of damage over time. However, they do need a bit more space when it comes to operation, so you’ll need a site survey so that we can check that a cantilever gate will fit. With no track to keep clear they can be lower in maintenance than their tracked counterparts, and they are generally quicker to install as there’s less in the way of groundworks required to get them fitted and working.

Your sliding gate’s performance and safety

During your gate design consultation, our specialists will also discuss your visual requirements, as your gate will be one of the first things your visitors see when approaching your premises, so it needs to look the part too!

We can offer a range of infills and finishes, such as:

  • Vertical bar
  • Anti-climb weld mesh
  • Palisade
  • Solid infills
  • Timber
  • Louvre
  • Solid and hollow bar
  • Powder coating in a wide range of colours
  • Business branding available on some finishes

Here at Absolute Access, alongside our customer service standards, there are two things that we make our priority at all times; operational performance and your safety.

When you choose to buy an electric sliding gate from us we’ll give you the best in every way, with these key features always included or offered as options:

  • Single and three phase power supply available
  • Compliance with BS EN 13421-1 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates
  • Compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC
  • CE marked and manufactured in the UK
  • High quality, reliable and durable components
  • Manual override facility
  • Safety edges
  • Safety beams
  • Training on handover
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