Automatic Traffic Barriers

If you’re looking to increase security at your site and take control of vehicle access; then automatic traffic barriers can be the ideal cost-effective alternative to higher investment options such as swing, sliding or bi-fold gates.

Absolute Access has been designing and installing automatic security barriers across the UK for over 15 years; building a reputation for robust and reliable products along the way.

The benefits of installing security barriers

Approaching a site with a traffic barrier at the entrance sends out a clear message: that you take the comings and goings on your site seriously. It acts as a deterrent to those looking to take advantage of your property or vehicles.

Automatic traffic barriers are often combined with a ticketing system for car parks, or they can be controlled in numerous other ways for business rather than commercial purposes. They’re a great way of stopping people from turning in your site entrance, parking up uninvited or even using your property for anti-social behaviour out-of-hours.

Aside from the above, here are some other great benefits of installing security barriers at your premises:

  • Great value – to control, manage and regulate traffic; barriers are a low cost solution.
  • Minimal space requirements – because the barrier arm lifts upwards; they’re perfect for any entranceway regardless of size or available surrounding space.
  • Reliable – if you experience high traffic levels to your site, a traffic barrier will serve you well with its ability to operate constantly. Over the long-term, they generally require less maintenance than a security gate, even with intensive use.
  • High security options – we’ve got lots of additional extras that can transform the look and image that barriers portray when visitors arrive.
  • Fast-operation – they work quickly and smoothly for rapid entry/exit.
  • Restrict access – traffic barriers are also a great solution for controlling and restricting access within a busy site; helping you to divert different vehicles or visitors to the appropriate area.
  • Quick installation – the barriers are easier to install than gates, without the need for extensive groundwork’s; although we’ll also take care of that part of the process too!

Automatic barriers and access control

A basic barrier with a simple boom arm in corporat colours is sufficient for many types of business sites and car parks.

Sometimes, an automatic vehicle detection loop will be fitted to instruct the barrier system to open mechanically upon vehicle approach; just as a way to slow traffic down, or to allow CCTV cameras to film activity.

However, if you’re looking to upgrade your level of security and feel that traffic barriers are the best option for you, we can also supply and install the following products and features for additional peace of mind:

  • Keypad access – a low-cost option for residential or commercial sites, or premises where a frequent code change is required for internal security purposes.
  • Proximity readers/key fobs – authorised personnel or residents to gain easy access to the area.
  • Intercoms – intercoms to check identities at the entrance
  • Automatic number plate recognition – a vehicle that’s been authorised on your system is recognised by its number plate.
  • Boom skirts – we can add folding boom skirts on the top, bottom or both for your desired level of perimeter security.

Additional barrier accessories and information

There are also a number of other options, health & safety and security devices and accessories we can offer in order to ensure you’ve got everything covered:

  • Traffic Barrier Boom lengths from 3m up to 14m
  • Single & three phase versions
  • Manual override
  • Powder coating to a variety of RAL colours
  • Barrier boom ‘Stop’ & ‘No Entry’ signs
  • Barrier boom warning lights
  • Fixed and hinged barrier boom fork supports
  • Articulated booms for areas with low ceilings
  • Traffic lights
  • Safety edges and safety beams

As with all of our products, our automatic traffic barriers are engineered and manufacturer according to all legal safety standards, with your complete satisfaction as our priority.

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Here at Absolute Access, we’re always happy to offer our knowledge and advice, and will consult with you thoroughly to ensure you get the best entrance security for your needs.

So for more information about the applications and benefits of automatic traffic barriers; please call us on 0113 281 3511 and we’ll be happy to assist.

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