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Security Road Blockers (otherwise known as Rising Kerbs) are the ‘next step’ to ensuring security at medium to high-risk premises. Giving you high-profile hydraulic road blockers, in the event of a hostile vehicle breach to use as a deterrent; reducing the risk of attack to premises as our Road Blockers have been PAS 68 impact tested.

Our experts are always on hand to offer tailored advice, ensuring you get the best security solution for your needs; our priority is that we ensure protection is there for your premises and personnel; while delivering products that are great quality, and competitively priced.

From our office in Leeds, we can assign you with a local technical team who will visit you at your site and carry out a free comprehensive survey. Not to mention, they will listen and help to assess the type and size of hostile vehicle anti ram road blockers that will meet your requirements.

Our road blockers are all built to provide maximum strength together with security for businesses that need an extended level of protection; similarly, they are robust and constructed to withstand impact from any type of vehicle that may try to gain access.

What sites can benefit from Road Blockers?

We have installed road blockers for a range of different clients, but some of the most common applications include:
• Financial institutions ie. banks
• Government buildings
• Car parks
• Transport hubs such as ferry ports
• Commercial premises and large industrial sites
• Distribution and logistics centres

How do Road Blockers work?

Constructed from steel, road blockers are built in a ‘cheese wedge’ shape. They sit flush with the road surface for easy traffic flow. The top plate has clear hazard markings painted on for safety; the Road Blockers rise out of the ground when activated, using a powerful hydraulic system.

Tested to ensure that they are strong enough to act as a deterrent and likewise to impede the passage of hostile vehicles. The equipment is encased in concrete once in the ground; our team take care of all civil and electrical work, for an efficient service and effective installation.

Security road blockers come in a range of sizes, each with its own recommended application:
• 340mm high – for traffic control situations
• 540mm & 650mm high – designed for high security traffic control locations
• 800mm high – for very high security establishments
• 900mm – 1200mm high – for anti-terrorist applications

These products can be activated at the touch of a button, or installed alongside a range of other access control features depending on your specific needs.

Safety Features for Road Blockers

All our road blockers are installed in compliance with PAS 68, K12 Standards and secured by Design. Coupled with a variety of features, safety devices and optional extras:
• Stop / no entry signs
• Warning lights
• Alarms and beacons
• Traffic lights with bulb failure sensor
• Vehicle detection loops
• Manual override
• Safety edges
• Safety beams
• Security locks on operation cabinet
• Reinforced hoses for long-term reliable operation
• 100% duty rating for heavy, continuous use
• Instantly reversible hydraulic drive
• Anti-skid top plate

Access control options for Road Blockers

If you need the high level of security and anti-vandalism protection that road blockers can offer; it is likely that you will want additional level of access control to work alongside.

The type of access control you need will depend on factors such as traffic levels, operational hours, whether it is a manned site and who needs to come and go freely. Some options to consider are:
• CCTV systems – a CCTV system that will enable viewing, monitoring, and recording of activity. Similarly, llowing operators to accept/deny access.
• Digital keypads – access code for authorised personnel to enter upon arrival lowering the blocker and allowing access.
• Card readers – swipe cards allow issue-only access.
• Proximity readers – recognise the users’ proximity fob for automatic lowering upon approach for faster, efficient operation.
• Biometrics – we can install biometric readers that require fingerprint recognition to operate the mechanism.

Speak to a Road Blocker specialist now!

From design to installation and on-going maintenance, our team located throughout the UK promise a professional and friendly service always.

Our road blockers and rising kerbs can cope with the heaviest of traffic and will stop unwanted vehicles in their tracks; the perfect way to increase and maintain security on your site.

Lastly, for a chat about our road blockers; please feel free to call us on 0113 281 3511 and we will be happy to discuss your security requirements.

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