Absolute Access High Security Bollards

Absolute Access Bollards are extremely robust with a vandal-resistant design, giving you the ability to comfortably prevent the access of traffic across a variety of sites. Our bollards allow you to restrict access at specific times or throughout the whole day, making it easy to control who can access your car park, business driveway or industrial site at any time.

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Bollards Specification

The ideal alternative to a Road Blocker for sites that are more architecturally sensitive, our Bollards are unobtrusive to pedestrians and can cater to the most complex requirements. Our automated Bollards have been crashed tested against a 6.8-tonne vehicle to ensure extra high security. Providing high security and reducing potential threats, Absolute Access Automatic Bollards lie flush with the road surface when at rest and reach 640mm or 800mm at full extension. For an emergency fast operation, the standard raise time can be accelerated. Why choose Absolute Access bollards?

  • 24-Hour support
  • Reach 640mm or 800mm at full extension
  • Crash tested ensuring high security
  • For an emergency fast operation, the standard raise time can be accelerated
  • Perfect for architecturally sensitive sites

Absolute Access takes the time to discuss your requirements and give you advice on the best Bollards for your business. We prepare your site for installation and our engineers are always on hand to provide any assistance you may need.

Bollards Safety and Design

Bollards are an alternate to a Road Blocker for sites that are require something more aesthetically pleasing but still reduce a potential threat. The Rising Bollards are Vandal-resistant and unobtrusive to pedestrians whilst keeping your entrance secure from unwanted vehicular access. Our Bollards meet BS/EN 12453 and Machinery Directive 2006/46/EC.

  • Accessories: Traffic lights, stop and no entry signs.
  • Touch button activation
  • Anti-Vandalism protection
  • Unobtrusive to pedestrians

Bollards Access Control

Integrating Access Control to your Bollards adds additional security to your business. Access control that compliment bollards include:

  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR)
  • Keypads and fobs
  • Proximity readers
  • Biometric Fingerprint/Handprint readers

If you’d like to know more about what type of Access Control we offer or you want to add Access Control to your Bi-Folding Gate, please visit our Access Control page or call us on 0113 281 3511.


Bollards Access Control

24 Hour Support

Reliable Aftercare

Max height 800mm

Directional Flow

Choice of aesthetics

Impact tested

Bollards Aftercare


We offer on-going Bollard Aftercare and maintenance packages. With a network of technicians dotted across the UK, we can attend to any issues and call in for a periodic safety check at your convenience. For more information on our aftercare packages please visit our aftercare page or call our security experts on 0113 281 3511.