Half Height Turnstiles & Passgates

Control access with a half height turnstile or passgates

Based in Leeds but working with clients throughout the UK; Absolute Access give you complete control over the flow of pedestrian traffic into and within your site. Our half height turnstile and passgate systems are built to cope with the most strenuous demands and stand the test of time.

Reliable and robust, but in a range of designs and styles to suit any requirement; our pedestrian barriers meet the highest quality standards; and so does our customer service! We’re here to ensure you get the best access control solution for your needs; while helping you to keep an eye on your budget.

Why choose a half height turnstile?

There are lots of different pedestrian barriers on the market today; it is important that you understand your options, their capabilities and limitations.

While some sites may benefit from a full height turnstile system, these are generally more suited to outdoor environments; due to their imposing stature and rugged design. Half height turnstiles can be and are frequently used outdoors too, but if you’re looking for an in-premise access solution, they offer a better aesthetic; especially for corporate and commercial environments.

Another difference between a full and half height barriers are security levels. The full version offers a slightly higher standard of security and access restriction; as they’re contained units that can’t be breached by a ‘vaulting opportunist’! If your requirement is more to slow and monitor access/exit, than for high security; then a waist height pedestrian barrier or passgate is probably your best option.

Types of pedestrian barriers and gates

We offer two main categories of half height turnstiles:

Waist height tripod turnstiles

Although available in a range of configurations, these turnstiles will be familiar to most people as they’re often seen as entry points into train stations, public toilets, stadiums and corporate buildings. The arms can be set to rotate in one or both directions, and are turned by the user applying a small amount of pressure to the top arm. A great cost-effective option.

Pedestrian passgate

Available in a range of styles, speed gates are a great way to move fast flowing pedestrian traffic through in a controlled yet efficient way. One key benefit of a passgate system is that they can cater for the passage of larger items such as trolleys, and allow access for wheelchair users. They can be designed to suit the aesthetic of your interiors and can be integrated with other access control measures.

During our site survey, we’ll talk through your specific needs to help you identify the best type and configuration, plus discuss the various other features you can choose from, including:

  • Payment access – add a coin or token operated payment system
  • Authorisation controls – allow operation by reception by the touch of a button, so you can verify visitors’ ID before authorising entry. Can be integrated with CCTV for added efficiency and security.
  • Swipe cards & proximity readers – access pass to allow automated authorisation while still controlling site access to unknown visitors.
  • Biometric turnstiles – both sophisticated and failsafe, requiring a fingerprint impression to match database details.
  • LED displays – from text displays to simple directional or access permitted/denied indicators; we can install visual cues to help users.
  • Alarm systems – we can also implement an alarm system that will issue an alert should a ‘vaulting opportunists’ try to breach the barrier without authorisation.
  • Safety features – disabling the usual operational settings so that the turnstile or speedgate opens freely to allow for the faster movement of people in an evacuation situation.
  • Bespoke operational settings – you can have total control of setting up and locking down your system, allowing you to cater for work and visitor schedules etc.

Suitable applications

Over the last 15 years or so, we’ve supplied and installed waist height turnstiles and speedgates for many different customers in a variety of settings. They’re most suited to sites that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic, require authorisation or monitoring of visitors or need to provide a security line externally or internally, such as:

  • Transport hubs – train stations, ferry ports etc
  • Sites with inventory – warehouses, logistics and distribution services
  • Leisure buildings – stadiums, venues and sports facilities
  • Education and healthcare – colleges, schools and medical facilities
  • Corporate – banking and financial institutions etc
  • Public – Government buildings and law courts

We work hard to ensure that your gates or turnstiles complement and blend into their surroundings as much as possible; offering an elegant design where smarter styling is required.

Arrange a survey today!

We provide a complete service, from advice, site surveys and design, to full installation, safety checks and operator training. We’ll ensure that any disruption to your day-to-day activities are minimised during the works, and promise a friendly and efficient service.

If you’d like more information about our half height turnstiles and speedgate systems, please call us on 0113 281 3511; we’ll be happy to answer your questions and offer our expert access control advice.

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