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While access control for vehicles is often a high security priority; you may also need to control pedestrian access to your site; our durable and reliable full height turnstile systems are the ideal solution. Our team has over 15 years of experience in designing, supplying and installing full height turnstiles. We will ensure that you get the best system for your individual security requirements.

Based in Leeds but serving customers throughout the UK; our technical experts will guide you every step of the way, offering honest advice, transparent pricing and exceptional standards of customer service without exception.

Why choose a full height turnstile system?

A full height turnstile’s operational mechanism stands at around 7 feet tall and is made of rotating steel barriers that work in a similar way to a revolving door. They’re designed to enforce ‘one by one’ access, giving you the ability to:

Slow down pedestrian traffic

A turnstile system means that on-foot traffic flows more smoothly on busy sites.

Monitor visitors

Coupled with CCTV or a ticketing system; turnstile entry can allow you to keep tabs on who’s coming and going at your premises.

Increase security

Unsecured sites mean anyone can gain access, so your site is at risk of unwanted visitors.

We offer several types of full height turnstile which are:

Single turnstiles

For basic access, these turnstiles work on smaller sites with low pedestrian traffic, or you can install multiple units for larger, busier sites.

Double turnstiles

These units allow two people to move in the same or opposite directions simultaneously, taking up a slightly smaller footprint than two single-lane systems; a great solution for heavily trafficked sites and controlling large crowds on entry/exit.

Single gate cylinder system

A more sophisticated and smart looking system consisting of a bi-directional cylindrical tube with stainless steel or full glass doors. They’re similar in aesthetics to the full-body x-ray systems you sometimes see in airports.

Some of the main benefits of full height turnstiles include:

Rugged and robust – our turnstiles are designed to withstand the elements; they’ll stand the test of time in even the toughest of conditions.

High capacity – however much pedestrian traffic you experience, our systems can cope!

Dual-directional – our turnstiles can be operated in either direction for a more space efficient solution.

Aesthetics – we can provide more elegant designs that are suitable for corporate environments.

Perimeter integration – we can install your turnstile so that it becomes a seamless addition to your existing gate system or fence line.

Restrict access – they can be used alongside a ticket or pass system for enhanced security and control.

We can also provide you with the capacity to set operational parameters, such as shutting down the system out-of-hours or selecting ‘exit only’ movement after a specified time. You can change your settings to suit seasonal activities or other changes in your work patterns.

We can also interface your turnstiles with your fire alarm systems, so they will automatically set to freely rotate; essential for fast evacuation procedures.

Our turnstiles are available in 3 different finishes:

  • Hot dip galvanised
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coated to suit your business branding

Comprehensive service

When you choose Absolute Access as your security partner, you’re guaranteed the highest standards when it comes to both products and service.

We only supply turnstiles that meet or exceed the required safety standards, and all of our installations are carried out in compliance with NCP109 & BS EN50133-1 – so your visitors or staff can use our products with complete peace of mind.

Please call our friendly team now on 0113 281 3511 to find out more about our full height security turnstiles; we’ll be delighted to help you.

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