Gate Specialists New Home Garforth, Leeds

Our gate specialists have a new home!

Absolute Access is pleased to announce that we’ve recently moved to fantastic new premises in Leeds; it was by a strange turn of fate that we even found it in the first place!

As our team of gate specialists has grown over the years; we were rapidly running out of our room at our old unit in Barwick in Elmet. We’d been there since our inception and while it was perfectly suitable when we started out, it was beginning to become a bit of a squeeze; so about a year ago we started to look at alternatives.

Our main criteria was to find a premises that was big enough to cater for all our operations; that meant a decent sized car park (if you visited our old site, you’ll know parking was a bit tricky!) for engineers and visitors; plus enough room to house all of our office staff and a larger storage/manufacturing space too.

Absolute Access Garforth Leeds New Office

A site for security-conscious eyes!

After a year of looking for a new site for the business, we came across an empty property at the New Hold Industrial Estate in Garforth, just a few miles from our old site. It had actually been on the market for a few months but we hadn’t been aware of this hidden gem until one of our engineers drove past and saw the vacant sign.

Our initial inspection of the property uncovered some great benefits that we’d not really expected to find; especially from a security point of view. This was largely down to the fact that it had previously been the home of a large jewellery manufacturer; so safekeeping their wares was clearly a priority. Apart from the high palisade fence surrounding the site, there was also a super-safe inside (think bank-heist films!) and security gates already fitted – although as this is our area of specialism, we have replaced this with one of our own sliding gates and new ANPR/access control system since we took ownership.

Aside from the great space and security the new premises offers; we also now have our own training facilities in-house – desks and chairs included! It’s perfect for keeping our engineers and technicians up to speed with the latest developments and compliance issues.

In good company…

Situated right next to popular Aagrah restaurant and Ginetta Cars, we definitely feel like we’ve gone up in the world! We’re pretty sure that the neighbours already have their security taken care of; but we’d happily discuss an exchange of services if they wanted!

Since we’ve been in the new premises, we’ve also added in a few extra access control features; but otherwise, barring a little decorating, we’re settled in! Everyone is much happier with a lighter, brighter and bigger space to work in and we look forward to welcoming some of you to our new premises at Burley House soon!

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